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About Sea Glass

green sea glass

The Sea Glass Story

Many, many years ago, your unique 'Sea Glass Company' jewellery began its journey to you. The glass in your jewellery began its life as sand: the main ingredient in the manufacture of glass. It was melted, moulded, and crafted into a transparent form. Perhaps a bottle, a container, vase, dish or glass pane. It had a life in this form and was a useful or beautiful object in its own right. 

Then one day, it found its way into the sea. We will never know exactly where or how, but this second phase of life involved breaking, being washed and worn, being milled and ground, and smoothed and shaped by the forces of nature. The sea, sometimes calm, sometimes furious, caressed and contoured the piece of glass, in amongst pebbles, shells, sand and salt, every day for year after year after year.

Then things changed again, and your glass started a new life, and a new journey. There, on the beach, glistening and freshly washed amid the surf, it shone and sparkled and caught my eye. I was there to find it. Its life may have begun decades before mine, but our paths crossed and, on the beach, it was waiting to be found.I smiled to see it, a lost jewel waiting to be recognised and rescued.

I picked it up, washed it, carefully considered its natural and unique beauty, its smooth edges and translucent heart, and I made a plan. A plan to create a special piece of jewellery, truly like no other, and bring its journey to a point of completion.

Transformed and revived, it now comes to you. It has come a long way to be with you, and I hope it brings you as much joy, as it has brought me.

With love, Rebecca Thompson

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