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About Sea Glass

Sea Glass Hunting Tips
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Sea glass isn’t found on every beach and if you are planning to hunt specifically for glass, there are various common denominators which will help you locate some.  Here are some of my top tips: 


  1. Always check the tides and the optimum time is about a couple of hours after high tide. It also means you have less chance of getting caught out by the tide coming in.

  2. Pebbled beaches as opposed to sandy beaches around ports and industrial coastlines with large estuaries as they tend to capture the glass.

  3. Avoid the more popular and scenic beaches as these will probably have a large number of hunters.  I visited Seaham at the optimum time and when I arrived, at least another 100 hunters had the same idea.  

  4. Where suitable clothing and footwear, climbing over rocks and pebbles will take its toll on your feet and your footwear.

  5. Squat rather than bend over when you locate some glass, you will be amazed at what you see the nearer to ground level you get.

  6. Wear a brimmed hat or cap. Even on the cloudy days the light can prevent you seeing those little pieces that like to hide.

  7. Buy a vegetable net bag from your local supermarket, it’s great for carrying your finds.

  8. It’s logical to think that there may be more glass after a high tide or storm, but I personally haven’t experienced this myself.  However, I have found more in springtime than any other season.

  9. If you decide to do extreme beach-combing (I have done this once), make sure you are with someone and that both you tell someone where you are going and when you are back home safely, that you have researched the area and ideally spoken to people who have also descended that particular cliff trail.  PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND STAY SAFE.

  10. If you're hunting for sea glass to recycle in some form, why not take an additional bag (unless you are going down a big cliff) and pick up the litter along the way too.  Every bit helps.

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