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My Sea Glass Safari Collection

My Sea Glass Safari Collection


Introducing Suzy Seaglass and her friend Sam, who guide you through this beautiful children’s journal. It includes information about glass, it’s journey to becoming sea glass, types, colours and rarity, a journal section to write about favourite finds, a colouring section blank pages to stick, draw or write and some photographs taken by me the author.

Inspired though taking my own grandchildren sea glass hunting.

Also included is 250g of sea glass that had been collected by me from my local beaches here in Northumberland, UK.

A sea glass safari also need a bag to collect treasure and transport home., so I’ve added a lovely little blue bag for you.

I hope you enjoy your sea glass Safari

  • Warning - Contains Small Items

    This collection contains small pieces of sea glass, this is not suitable for children under 6 years old. The sea glass has been washed with soap and water.

    Darker colours can look nicer rubbed with a drop of baby oil.

    The bag has an adjustable strap and should be worn across the body. Sea glass can become heavy should you be lucky to find many items, so you may find yourself carrying some home.

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