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The Sea Glass Diaries - The Sea Glass Jewellery

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Where Precious becomes Priceless

Bespoke jewellery is a term that is often bandied around but when it comes to sea glass jewellery this turn of phrase hardly does it justice. In this diary entry I invite you to journey with me upon the endless well of natural inspiration that fuels my creative flow when I transform nature's natural gems into the individual ‘one of a kind’ creations that you see on my site.

In this post, I have combined my artistic passion with a little psychological research to highlight why certain pieces are more likely to connect with you than others.

Do you have a favourite artist?

First and foremost I am an artist. My unique interpretation of the world can be experienced in the various pieces of jewellery that I create. Much like any piece of art, the vision and emotive meaning changes depending upon who is looking at it. This shared experience is very special to me; it makes me feel like I am connecting directly with my clients. It is probably the closest one can get to telepathy – transcending cultural divisions, language and time, reaching even the most diverse groups.

Sea glass jewellery has an attraction that transcends its aesthetic allure. Although an individual piece does not physically change once it has been created, life experiences tend to change your own perception, and in turn you can indulge in the stimulation of a renewed meaning from your very own item of jewellery. In a way it’s like looking at a much-loved painting – over time you will always find something new to love and appreciate.

Psychology and the Healing Effects of Sea Glass Jewellery

Sea glass jewellery comes in a range of beautiful colours, some rarer than others. Have you ever wondered just what it is about certain colours that make you feel warm and relaxed, or perhaps energised and ready to take life in hand and march proudly into the great unknown?

Psychological studies into the effects of colour on mood are still in their infancy but that doesn’t mean there isn’t already a wealth of evidence to suggest certain colours can have a positive (or negative) impact upon your life.

Let’s conduct a short experiment and see if the psychologists have got it right:

Take a moment to look at the following pictures, imagine holding the items in your hand and see how they make you feel. Once you have done that I’ll see if your interpretation matches that of the experts.

Have you done that?

Okay, read on.

In ancient mythology, green was symbolic of fertility (both of the earth and of women). Green represents tranquility and the natural world. It is not surprising therefore, that green is thought to relieve stress and inspire creativity. It is no accident that nervous actors waiting to go on stage are given the benefits of the ‘green room’ to focus and calm the nerves.

Hotels and public spaces often feature the colour green, putting us at ease in new environments. Imagine a hotel interior in shocking red and the change of mood that would invoke.

If you found that the pendant above made you feel motivated possibly to attain financial success rather than feel relaxed then you are not alone. There is a great deal of research to support a synergy between the colour green and a high need to achieve.

Now, let’s try this one:

Blue is an interesting colour. It shares some of the calming effects of green but there is often an added element.

For many blue, the colour of the ocean and the sky, is seen as reflective and occasionally inspires feelings of melancholy. I often sit and stare at the sea as the tide makes its way to shore and find that ‘blue hue’ puts the world in perspective for me. Blue sea glass jewellery, when I hold it close has the same effect.

A little research into blue unearthed a few interesting facts too:

  • People are more productive in blue rooms, which could be why many offices are decorated blue.

  • Blue often denotes order, security and stability. Assuming brand designers know what they are doing, this could explain the success of institutions such as Barclays bank or even the prevailing colour that represents our current government.

Though the examples above are largely universal, your own perception will be rooted in your own culture and life experience, so in that sense is very personal.

Colour as Therapy

More and more, holistic therapists use colour as treatment for illness or to increase physical and mental performance:

Blue is used to treat pain and sooth illness whilst red is used to increase circulation and shades of indigo are believed to alleviate skin problems.

Embrace our History and Heritage

Touched upon in my pervious diary entry - a major attraction of sea glass jewellery for me is that it is steeped in culture. It can take anything from forty to two hundred years for nature to create sea glass, with its inimitable frosted look. By immortalis

ing these gems as sea glass jewellery I feel I am honouring the past and the continuation of the sea glass journey till it reaches you.

One of a Kind Jewellery

I shall end this diary entry as I started, speaking of bespoke jewellery. I hope that so far you have a little insight into what inspires me to create sea glass jewellery. The only element I have not mentioned so far is the attraction of owning a piece that no one else in the world has. There are many reasons that I am commissioned to create jewellery for clients but one I hear time and again is that:

“I don’t want something that comes off a production line.”


“I want something more personal to me.”

Whilst quality sea glass jewellery is not cheap it is also not as expensive as you might think and by owning it you do become part of a select community.

Thank you for reading. I hope I have inspired you to join me in my passion and dive further into the world of sea glass and sea glass jewellery. My next post will take you behind the scenes of my workshop and show you how my pieces are created.

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