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Welcome to The Sea Glass Company

My name is Rebecca Thompson and I am the founder of ‘The Sea Glass Company’. I am based in the lovely county of castles, country and stunning coastline; Northumberland.

I design and create bespoke sea glass jewellery and also use the inspiration of the coast to create other mediums such as silver clay, one-wire pictures, resin and fluid art.

I hope you enjoy exploring the history of sea glass and why it is such a privilege to recycle what man once made and discarded, and the sea gifted back to me to give it a purpose and make it beautiful again.


The Sea Glass Company's Journey

"What happened in April 2020 Rebecca?"

"I went for a walk with my husband and suddenly someone turned the dimmer switch to bright and my inner child danced into the room."

The beach has always been a place of tranquillity for me – a place to reflect and make better sense of the world. It was on one such visit, last April that my husband spotted several tiny fragments of glass, nested amongst the many pebbles on the shore.

I picked them up and was struck immediately by their uncompromising beauty. My husband went on to divulge what he knew of sea glass, its origins and the part that nature played - how it had spent years crafting the delicate gems that I held in my hand.

As a declutter coach I am well practiced in taking the essence of a space and helping my clients craft it into a welcoming environment that brings them joy and pleasure.

With sea glass, I had found nature’s essence and a passion that would evolve into a jewellery business that still gives me endless hours of exploration, experimentation and pleasure.

Click on the THE SEA GLASS DIARIES which has some beautiful images or if you're short of time, click on AUDIO to listen to the narration

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